Wednesday, 26 February 2014


There are different dimensions on this plane that we live in but on the physical level, people see the world just the way it is, whereas things are not really that way. For example, you are living in a two bedroom flat with your wife and children and the house is private to you. Inside that same house, other people may be living there also without your knowing it because the dimension they live in is quite different from that in which you live in. Sometimes, we catch glimpses into their presence when it seems as if you heard a sound close to you or your eyes catches a sudden movement as if someone had just walked past you. The world is full of unknown mysteries that has not yet become known to man but with divine knowledge, you can be able to know a lot of things that science has not yet touched at all and you'll become a great scientist and inventor of a modern technology. There was a day I was sitting outside in a kind of picnic outing. I was lying down relaxing with my back to a small plant that could hold my weight when I saw a woman carrying a baby in her arms and at the same time carrying a big bowl for bathing babies, a big bucket filled with water and so many other things that ordinarily no human being could carry with just two hands. I kept on watching the woman as she put the things she was holding on the ground and started bathing her baby without distracting anything. It dawn on me that I had been given the opportunity to see her because of the knowledge I received from the Guru Maharajji of this time and this happened without her knowing I was there. So, mankind does not occupy space alone but with other entities as well and you must know one thing, knowledge is the key and that knowledge, is not that of the demonic world neither is it that of the evil world, but that, of purity, serenity and divinity that does not destroy but rebuilds and teaches love to all that is on earth. You are free to ask any question if you want to and I'll try to answer as much as I can. Thank you!

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