Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Who am I? Whoa! What a question is that? I'm a human being of cause, created to live in this world and letting others live too. Let every man sit down and reflect about life and you will know whom you are spiritually and physically. There are times we get reflections of ourselves through revelations, visions, dreams and through meditation. Many of us have had experiences in dreams that our past lives were revealed and when deep researches were made, found out it was a reality. Can you give yours a trial? How? I will tell you in my next post.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


How conscious is man about him/herself in this life we live in? Have you ever asked yourself about this? We can't just assume we are here to decorate the planet earth. There must be a good reason for our being here and if so, for what purpose? I have sat and thought this over and over again in my life and found out that the everyday incidents in our lives sum up to tell us we have been here before but how? I will very much give a lot to know. Many people in this world have sought for knowledge of the past the present and the future and came out with a lot of findings. We will take them in our next post. Thanks, and I will very much like to hear from contributors!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


There are different dimensions on this plane that we live in but on the physical level, people see the world just the way it is, whereas things are not really that way. For example, you are living in a two bedroom flat with your wife and children and the house is private to you. Inside that same house, other people may be living there also without your knowing it because the dimension they live in is quite different from that in which you live in. Sometimes, we catch glimpses into their presence when it seems as if you heard a sound close to you or your eyes catches a sudden movement as if someone had just walked past you. The world is full of unknown mysteries that has not yet become known to man but with divine knowledge, you can be able to know a lot of things that science has not yet touched at all and you'll become a great scientist and inventor of a modern technology. There was a day I was sitting outside in a kind of picnic outing. I was lying down relaxing with my back to a small plant that could hold my weight when I saw a woman carrying a baby in her arms and at the same time carrying a big bowl for bathing babies, a big bucket filled with water and so many other things that ordinarily no human being could carry with just two hands. I kept on watching the woman as she put the things she was holding on the ground and started bathing her baby without distracting anything. It dawn on me that I had been given the opportunity to see her because of the knowledge I received from the Guru Maharajji of this time and this happened without her knowing I was there. So, mankind does not occupy space alone but with other entities as well and you must know one thing, knowledge is the key and that knowledge, is not that of the demonic world neither is it that of the evil world, but that, of purity, serenity and divinity that does not destroy but rebuilds and teaches love to all that is on earth. You are free to ask any question if you want to and I'll try to answer as much as I can. Thank you!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Certain things on this earth seem to sound untrue and unbelievable but my friends, experience is believing. With divine knowledge, your five senses are tuned to receiving messages from different dimensions of the universe and other universes that man do not know exists but with time, as science continues to develop, these universes will become known to man just like the moon and other heavenly bodies where discover. This year, we are going to discover a lot of things happening in this world that are realistic even though people think they are not and so you get yourself prepared to learn mre from this blog. Have a nice time.

Monday, 13 January 2014


Man is a complex being made to live on earth in a way that when he/she is spiritually conscious becomes aware of his/her second personality. How can man become spiritually conscious of it? By receiving divine knowledge from the living perfect master of the time, that is, the SAT GURU MAHARAJJI of the time who is physically present in body now. Knowledge received from initiators who had received knowledge from past Gurus is alright, but, my friends it is the best when you receive knowledge directly from the SAT GURU MAHARAJJI in body. With divine knowledge received, man will be able to experience and realize what his/her second personality is. A second personality is what represents the other side of you, that makes you act strangely in a way that is not you. Sometimes you find yourself behaving like an animal, maybe a tiger, lion, Snake, Ass, Horse or whatever when provoked. Right, when you practice knowledge, you'll be able to know this other side of you that makes you behave that way and you destroy it to avoid the negativeness associated with it. It can be a barrier to so many things in your life and so, you need to realize yourself to destroy such things to enable you move on in life. Your comments are welcome.

Sunday, 12 January 2014


The holy name is Sat Guru Maharajji. It is a Sanskrit word of old that has been in use since the beginning of creation. The Sat means truth. Guru means - Gu- darkness and Ru- light, so Guru means taking from darkness into light. Maharajji means, the king of kings of all hearts. The totality of the name therefore means The true one that is the king of kings of all hearts, that essence, the primordial kinetic energy, sustaining the universe. In other words, it was the word that took flesh and dwelt amongst men. It is the holy name that transcends beyond the ordinary realm. Forget about religion, the religion you belong does not matter, what I'm saying here is, you use the holy name, a name that when you call at anytime, will never fail you. Sat Guru Maharajji can heal, solve your problems and be of great help when called upon several times. Do not believe me but try it and see for yourself.I have seen people try it, I have tried it and I want you to know that he is in a human body through which you can meet, interact with and receive divine knowledge. My writing this blog is to assist people of the world to realize that the Sat Guru of this time is around and for them to know they are missing something in their lives, without the holy name. The master of this time is on the planet and he says, call my name anywhere, anytime and I will be there to answer you. Why don't you try it?

Thursday, 2 January 2014


The holy name is the name that was omitted in the Bible. It said that 'In the beginning was the word and the word was with God' what was that very word that was with God? It was not made known to us because it had been extracted from the Bible and is being by those who removed it because of the power behind the word. It is that word that will be made conscious to you and when you use it, can solve problems of the spiritual and the physical and then you find that you'll become aware of how to solve your problems and that of others. The holy name has been what great men in the past had sought for with money and strength. Some were not fortunate to find it while some found it and kept it secret from others. That is what the present living perfect master has brought to us all, free of charge. An undergraduate friend of mine, after discussing at length about knowledge and the powers behind it, decided to go to the present living perfect master to receive knowledge. He travelled down to meet the master and was lucky enough to receive divine knowledge after a few days. Boy! When he got back, he told me a lot and when he went back to school an event took place that made him realize the power behind the holy name. What was it that happened? A girl he knew was ill and taken to the hospital but could not survive it. She died and when he became aware of this, felt bad. He started using the Holy name and believe you me, this girl woke up and turned on him. She warned him to stop what he was doing because she was tied of living on this earth and wanted to die. He collapsed again and died. As she was about to be taken to the hospital, he started calling the holy name again that she must not die, she must come back to life, she did the second time but this time challenged the young man that if he tried it again, she will not be happy, he decided to let her go out of fear because he was knew in knowledge. What this young man did is an example of what you can do with divine knowledge from the master. This can really be good for doctors although, everyone has his or her own gift of knowledge, if the boy can wake a dead person I may not be able to do that because that is is won gift, but may have my own gift and the same goes for others.