Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Before I met the master of the time and received knowledge, I was living like a daft, not knowing my right from left but after I met the master and received knowledge friends, I became aware of the fact that whatever the situation a person is in life today, it is the best for him or her at that material time. Everything coming to man is according to your deed in the past or the role you as a person has come to play in that life time. My friends I started accepting life as it is and noticing the beauty of this wonderful creation. Envy will get you nowhere and no matter the motivational books you read, it can never work for you if you are not meant to benefit through it. Many people have read these good books that can elevate man to attain material wealth but they haven't why? Because either it is not yet time for them to get there. Before knowledge, I had passed through a lot of ups and downs in life without making any headway. I tried all I could to make things come through but no way and then I just let things be managing the meagre salary of a teacher in Nigeria that was not regularly paid in some states which the state I happened to live in was one and then something happened. I met the master, how and what happened? Read it in the next post. Any question?

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