Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Before I met the master of the time and received knowledge, I was living like a daft, not knowing my right from left but after I met the master and received knowledge friends, I became aware of the fact that whatever the situation a person is in life today, it is the best for him or her at that material time. Everything coming to man is according to your deed in the past or the role you as a person has come to play in that life time. My friends I started accepting life as it is and noticing the beauty of this wonderful creation. Envy will get you nowhere and no matter the motivational books you read, it can never work for you if you are not meant to benefit through it. Many people have read these good books that can elevate man to attain material wealth but they haven't why? Because either it is not yet time for them to get there. Before knowledge, I had passed through a lot of ups and downs in life without making any headway. I tried all I could to make things come through but no way and then I just let things be managing the meagre salary of a teacher in Nigeria that was not regularly paid in some states which the state I happened to live in was one and then something happened. I met the master, how and what happened? Read it in the next post. Any question?

Monday, 23 December 2013


There are four techniques in the practice of divine knowledge which man can use to unlock the doors of both the physical and the spiritual doors of life. The physical doors lead to everything of the material world while the spiritual door lead to everything of the spiritual world. There are things assigned to man as part of his/her expansion as he/she is born into the material world and once you are aware of this, you find yourself satisfied in life with what you as a person has. That is why everyone on this planet is not of the same status of material acquisition. No matter the motivational books you read, if you are on this earth for the purpose of something beyond accumulating material wealth, one cannot acquire them. Man needs to receive knowledge where these four techniques I'm talking about is given and how do you get it, by meeting the living perfect master of the time.

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Man is not on this planet for fancy or decoration, man is here for a purpose either positive or negative. Everyone born on this earth has a purpose of being here and so the role man has to play in a life time has been planned prior to mans birth which is supposed to be a positive one. But when man finds him/herself involved in negativity, he/she has to sit down and question him/herself on why the negativity, because man is created in the image and likeness of the creator which is known by different names according to the location one finds him/herself. The creator is perfect and so will not create negativity in man. Divine knowledge therefore is the best way out to lead man towards achieving a divine and pure life because with it you can achieve a lot of purpose in a life time. Below are some of the benefits a person can derive when he/she receives divine knowledge. Mind you, you can receive this divine knowledge I'm talking about from a teacher but it is best received from a living perfect master of the time. He is the one with the ticket at the time to teach you the techniques of knowledge to open up the water flowing with you and you can taste its holiness and quench your taste and you can call the holy name anywhere you are and you'll get an immediate answer. BENEFITS OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE 1. It frees man from the shackles of negativity. 2. You can be given the key to open the doors to scientific inventions, technological advancement etc. 3. You can discover who you are in the past, present or future if you want to. 4. You'll will have inner peace and bliss flowing through you which is what the world actually needs now. 5. Mind you, you have to avoid killing or eating animals for you to attain a very high spiritual level of consciousness because in divinity animals, plants and man interact together. 6. You can heal or cure diseases by just using the holy name that will be revealed to you. Your comments and contributions are welcome.


Divine knowledge is when man seeks to know and delve into the world of purity, serenity, clarity and light to tap the fountain of water within him, the rhythm within, life itself and contact with the creator to be able to know his past, present and future. This can be achieved if one meets a teacher that can reveal them but it is better if you meet a Guru and living perfect master in body to actually give you knowledge and teach you how to practice using these techniques of knowledge properly because if you use divine knowledge wrongly, you'll pay dearly for it. People say some men claim to be gurus therefore they are self acclaimed gurus. Let me tell you something, the world is large and full of all kinds of powers and forces. A real guru when his name is called works wonders and when any force of darkness tries to attack or try him, it will not work. With a Guru that is, a living perfect master of this time you can use the holy name to achieve whatever good you want to on this planet by merely calling his name without a flinch. No one can come out to declare himself a living perfect master of a time and survive the next few days or months except one who is actually one. So, if you need divine knowledge, seek for a living perfect master, receive knowledge from him and practice divinely. You do not need to live with him but seek ye the knowledge and use the holy name where ever you are and you'll see the difference.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


When discussing on spiritual consciousness development, we have to identify the fact that there are two aspects to it. The positive aspect and the negative aspects. Developing ones spiritual consciousness therefore towards positivity is what this blog is all about and nothing on the negative side. Being the sole purpose of this site, it is therefore a delving into the divine aspects of life. What is divinity if one may ask? It is a process of discovering the source of man and his integration with it to facilitate a discovery of who you are in the past, present and the future. Man is not on earth for decorations, he is here for a purpose which many do not know and that is what man should en devour to identify and work towards. If you discover a negative aspect in your way of life, you have to practice more so than you can turn towards a more positive way of life but if you are on the positive side you have to continue in that wake in order not to fall away to the negative side. That is what divinity in life is all about.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Spiritual consciousness is a combination of two words, spiritual and consciousness. To get the meaning of spiritual consciousness therefore, let us first of all take a look at spiritual and then consciousness. SPIRITUAL: This is the thought and belief of man rather than the body and the surrounding, (physical). CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness is the mind and the thought of man. SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS: Spiritual consciousness therefore is the mind, thought and belief rather than the body and the physical surroundings. Your comments are highly welcome!


Spiritual consciousness development is a state of awakening rejuvenating the awareness of man's mind, thought and belief towards understanding the source of man and the light ( the creator) through which the past, present and future can be realized. When man's spiritual consciousness is awakened and developed, a lot of things are realized about yourself and everything around you in the spiritual realm before the physical because everything must first take place in the spiritual realm before the actual manifestation in the physical realm. Read the next post to find out the benefits of spiritual development. Your contributions can be very good if they are enlightening.