Monday, 13 January 2014


Man is a complex being made to live on earth in a way that when he/she is spiritually conscious becomes aware of his/her second personality. How can man become spiritually conscious of it? By receiving divine knowledge from the living perfect master of the time, that is, the SAT GURU MAHARAJJI of the time who is physically present in body now. Knowledge received from initiators who had received knowledge from past Gurus is alright, but, my friends it is the best when you receive knowledge directly from the SAT GURU MAHARAJJI in body. With divine knowledge received, man will be able to experience and realize what his/her second personality is. A second personality is what represents the other side of you, that makes you act strangely in a way that is not you. Sometimes you find yourself behaving like an animal, maybe a tiger, lion, Snake, Ass, Horse or whatever when provoked. Right, when you practice knowledge, you'll be able to know this other side of you that makes you behave that way and you destroy it to avoid the negativeness associated with it. It can be a barrier to so many things in your life and so, you need to realize yourself to destroy such things to enable you move on in life. Your comments are welcome.

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