Sunday, 8 December 2013


When discussing on spiritual consciousness development, we have to identify the fact that there are two aspects to it. The positive aspect and the negative aspects. Developing ones spiritual consciousness therefore towards positivity is what this blog is all about and nothing on the negative side. Being the sole purpose of this site, it is therefore a delving into the divine aspects of life. What is divinity if one may ask? It is a process of discovering the source of man and his integration with it to facilitate a discovery of who you are in the past, present and the future. Man is not on earth for decorations, he is here for a purpose which many do not know and that is what man should en devour to identify and work towards. If you discover a negative aspect in your way of life, you have to practice more so than you can turn towards a more positive way of life but if you are on the positive side you have to continue in that wake in order not to fall away to the negative side. That is what divinity in life is all about.

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