Saturday, 14 December 2013


Divine knowledge is when man seeks to know and delve into the world of purity, serenity, clarity and light to tap the fountain of water within him, the rhythm within, life itself and contact with the creator to be able to know his past, present and future. This can be achieved if one meets a teacher that can reveal them but it is better if you meet a Guru and living perfect master in body to actually give you knowledge and teach you how to practice using these techniques of knowledge properly because if you use divine knowledge wrongly, you'll pay dearly for it. People say some men claim to be gurus therefore they are self acclaimed gurus. Let me tell you something, the world is large and full of all kinds of powers and forces. A real guru when his name is called works wonders and when any force of darkness tries to attack or try him, it will not work. With a Guru that is, a living perfect master of this time you can use the holy name to achieve whatever good you want to on this planet by merely calling his name without a flinch. No one can come out to declare himself a living perfect master of a time and survive the next few days or months except one who is actually one. So, if you need divine knowledge, seek for a living perfect master, receive knowledge from him and practice divinely. You do not need to live with him but seek ye the knowledge and use the holy name where ever you are and you'll see the difference.

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