Saturday, 14 December 2013


Man is not on this planet for fancy or decoration, man is here for a purpose either positive or negative. Everyone born on this earth has a purpose of being here and so the role man has to play in a life time has been planned prior to mans birth which is supposed to be a positive one. But when man finds him/herself involved in negativity, he/she has to sit down and question him/herself on why the negativity, because man is created in the image and likeness of the creator which is known by different names according to the location one finds him/herself. The creator is perfect and so will not create negativity in man. Divine knowledge therefore is the best way out to lead man towards achieving a divine and pure life because with it you can achieve a lot of purpose in a life time. Below are some of the benefits a person can derive when he/she receives divine knowledge. Mind you, you can receive this divine knowledge I'm talking about from a teacher but it is best received from a living perfect master of the time. He is the one with the ticket at the time to teach you the techniques of knowledge to open up the water flowing with you and you can taste its holiness and quench your taste and you can call the holy name anywhere you are and you'll get an immediate answer. BENEFITS OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE 1. It frees man from the shackles of negativity. 2. You can be given the key to open the doors to scientific inventions, technological advancement etc. 3. You can discover who you are in the past, present or future if you want to. 4. You'll will have inner peace and bliss flowing through you which is what the world actually needs now. 5. Mind you, you have to avoid killing or eating animals for you to attain a very high spiritual level of consciousness because in divinity animals, plants and man interact together. 6. You can heal or cure diseases by just using the holy name that will be revealed to you. Your comments and contributions are welcome.

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