Thursday, 2 January 2014


After receiving divine knowledge from the living perfect master of the time, life changed for me very much. I became conscious of the fact that there is a purpose to life and living. I realized my past lives and where I had lived in several past life circles and the roles I had played then through personal experiences. With knowledge, I got to know the holy name and what to do with it to help others in need. Let me tell you friends, there is a lot of mysteries in this creation and with knowledge, these things will unfold to you in person without being led by the hand like a little child learning how to take the first steps. With knowledge, I got to know the job I was supposed to do in this life time, but friends, I had already gone far in my career before I realized this. Since then, I have been trying to see what I can do to move along the path I should have been following. You see, divine knowledge is a blessing because I have been using it to learn many things that if I where given the opportunity and support, I would have been able to contribute my quota to the development of the world. I will soon be writing some of my true life experiences for you to read and see what knowledge can unfold when you meet the master of the time directly in person, one on one and you receive knowledge from him.

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