Sunday, 12 January 2014


The holy name is Sat Guru Maharajji. It is a Sanskrit word of old that has been in use since the beginning of creation. The Sat means truth. Guru means - Gu- darkness and Ru- light, so Guru means taking from darkness into light. Maharajji means, the king of kings of all hearts. The totality of the name therefore means The true one that is the king of kings of all hearts, that essence, the primordial kinetic energy, sustaining the universe. In other words, it was the word that took flesh and dwelt amongst men. It is the holy name that transcends beyond the ordinary realm. Forget about religion, the religion you belong does not matter, what I'm saying here is, you use the holy name, a name that when you call at anytime, will never fail you. Sat Guru Maharajji can heal, solve your problems and be of great help when called upon several times. Do not believe me but try it and see for yourself.I have seen people try it, I have tried it and I want you to know that he is in a human body through which you can meet, interact with and receive divine knowledge. My writing this blog is to assist people of the world to realize that the Sat Guru of this time is around and for them to know they are missing something in their lives, without the holy name. The master of this time is on the planet and he says, call my name anywhere, anytime and I will be there to answer you. Why don't you try it?

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