Thursday, 2 January 2014


The holy name is the name that was omitted in the Bible. It said that 'In the beginning was the word and the word was with God' what was that very word that was with God? It was not made known to us because it had been extracted from the Bible and is being by those who removed it because of the power behind the word. It is that word that will be made conscious to you and when you use it, can solve problems of the spiritual and the physical and then you find that you'll become aware of how to solve your problems and that of others. The holy name has been what great men in the past had sought for with money and strength. Some were not fortunate to find it while some found it and kept it secret from others. That is what the present living perfect master has brought to us all, free of charge. An undergraduate friend of mine, after discussing at length about knowledge and the powers behind it, decided to go to the present living perfect master to receive knowledge. He travelled down to meet the master and was lucky enough to receive divine knowledge after a few days. Boy! When he got back, he told me a lot and when he went back to school an event took place that made him realize the power behind the holy name. What was it that happened? A girl he knew was ill and taken to the hospital but could not survive it. She died and when he became aware of this, felt bad. He started using the Holy name and believe you me, this girl woke up and turned on him. She warned him to stop what he was doing because she was tied of living on this earth and wanted to die. He collapsed again and died. As she was about to be taken to the hospital, he started calling the holy name again that she must not die, she must come back to life, she did the second time but this time challenged the young man that if he tried it again, she will not be happy, he decided to let her go out of fear because he was knew in knowledge. What this young man did is an example of what you can do with divine knowledge from the master. This can really be good for doctors although, everyone has his or her own gift of knowledge, if the boy can wake a dead person I may not be able to do that because that is is won gift, but may have my own gift and the same goes for others.

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